Wedding websites are quickly becoming a wedding essential. It is the perfect way for couples to communicate with family and friends as well as showcase plans for the big day. Vivahalive™’s wish is making it extremely easy and affordable for couples to set up a web site for their wedding.

The benefits of a wedding website are numerous:

  • Inform Guests
  • Provide Travel & Lodging information for your out of town guests complete with maps, driving directions, web links, sightseeing opportunities, your favorite spots and restaurants
  • Share the events with those unable to attend
  • Wedding party photos and biographies
  • Online guestbook
  • Contact information
  • Dinner menu
  • Share wedding pictures. Everyone wants to see wedding pictures, and a virtual wedding album is a wonderful way to share your day.
  • And more!

With a wedding website, you can actually enjoy the process of assembling your wedding details in one place.